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Rigaku Crystallography X-Ray Source

The X-Ray Crystallography & SAXS Facility at UCSF is home to one Rigaku RU-200 rotating anode x-ray machine with an R-axis IV detector and one Anton Paar SAXSess mc2 system with Mythen detector.

Prior to accessing the lab, new users must request access from the XRAY Facility manager by sending the numbers from the back their ID card.

Prior to using the in-house X-ray generators, users MUST download the safety form, manual, and watch the two safety videos.

Safety and operations training is required before new users may access this equipment.

UCSF X-ray Safety Form

HHMI Radiation Safety Video

"The Double Edged Sword" Radiation Safety Video

UCSF EH&S Radiation Safety Manual

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