IVE/Priism Glossary

(eee emm act) Is software for collecting EM tomographs.
image window
An image window consists of two parts: a multidimensional data set which could be tied to a file or created on the fly and an interface which allows other applications or the user to manipulate the data in the data.
(eye vee eee; an acronym for Image Visualization Environment) Is a set of software libraries and supporting executables to facilitate development of image processing and analysis applications.
Is a synonym for image window except when used in "Monitor 0". "Monitor 0" refers to the entity responsible for creating image windows.
(pronounced the same as prism or for the hip, pree sym) Is a collection of tools for image processing, analysis, and visualization with an emphasis on handling data from wide-field 3D optical microscopy and EM tomography.
Refers to one of the separate channels in a data set. It is an abbreviation for wavelength though the data for a wave may not correspond to that observed in a single wavelength band (for instance it could represent a difference or ratio or a different modality like DIC).

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