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Welcome to the Crystallography & SAXS Facility at UCSF

The MSG Crystallography & SAXS Facility at UCSF is currently utilized by over one hundred graduate students and post docs from thirty-one independent research groups representing seven departments at UCSF.

Member labs enjoy access to our facility and all of its equipment, software, and external facilities. This incudes a TTPLabtech Mosquito; Gilson Liquid Handler; Formulatrix Rock Imager imaging systems; Korima PRS-1000 fluorescence microscope; Rigaku rotating anode X-ray system; ALS pucks; Anton Paar SAXSess mc2 system; microscopes; centrifuges; and ample storage space. Member labs also have access to all of the latest calculation and graphics software used in data collection, struture solution and refinement, as well as regular access to external synchrotron facilities at the LBNL Advanced Light Source.

Contact us to find out how your lab can access the facility and to get a breakdown of costs associated with crystallography experiments. Costs are calculated based on the number of people in your group who are users of the facility and on their actual use of consumable materials.

In order to access the facility, new users must first do the Laboratory Safety for Researchers, Radiation Safety, and Liquid Nitrogen Safety training courses at learningcenter.ucsfmedicalcenter.org. They must then send confirmation of successful completion before requesting access to the facility.

Prior to using the in-house X-ray generators, users MUST watch the two safety videos (links above), and fill out and return the UCSF X-Ray Safety Form.

To be trained on any of the equipment in the Facilty, to become a user or to book time at synchrotron beamline 8.3.1 at the Advanced Light Source, for consultation regarding your crystallography project, including screening, optimization, and other tehniques, or using calculation or graphics software, please contact the XRAY facility manager.

Crystal Screen Ordering at Quartzy

If you already have a Quartzy account, please email us to add you to the Crystallography group.

To order: after login to Quartzy, navigate to the inventory tab. There are three formats from which to choose: HDP (hanging drop plate); MRC-2 (sitting drop plate); and DWBlock.

Select the screens you want and click the blue "Request" button. You need to supply quantity and grant code (your lab name).

You will receive an email when your request is fulfilled. Plates will be located above the balances in S176 for pickup.

Mosquito Usage Log

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