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Mosquito Nanoliter Dropsetters

We have two TTPLabtech Mosquito Nanoliter Dropsetters for setting up crystallization experiments.

Our 5-position Mosquito is suitable for vapor diffusion experiments, while the LCP Mosquito is suitable for both vapor diffusion and lipidic cubic phase experiments.

ALL users MUST be trained by the XRAY facility manager prior to using the Mosquito in the X-Ray Lab.

Users are encouraged to order pre-aliquoted screens in either Greiner or Swissci 96-well plates via our quartzy.com ordering page. If users want to fill their own plates, then they can also use the common supply of 96-well hanging drop trays and seals.Because there are so many varieties of sitting drop tray, we encourage users to find one that suites their needs. Most popular are the MRC SwissCI 2-well and 3-well plates, available from Hampton Research.

For more information on the Mosquito, please visit TTPLabTech

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