Version 2.4 of Bobscript is installed on on the SGI's (in /public/apps/bin/bobscript, the directory is at /public/apps/bobscript). This is Rob Esnouf's very nice extension of Molscript by Per Kraulis. Rob has fully documented all of his changes and additions to the Molscript syntax. Bobscript is a fully compliant super-set of Molscript 1.4, so any Molscript 1.4 input file will run without change in Bobscript 2.x, however (of course), the reverse is not true.

Bobscript adds - amongst many others - the ability to render electron density directly, as well as many and sundry correctly implemented methods of colour ramping. Also, alot of the PostScript(TM) output has been cleaned up & improved (especially w.r.t. ball-and-stick). There are example input files for:

Here are some examples of the output that Bobscript can produce:

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