Denzo - NOW at ALS8.3.1!!

rlogin to any of crush01, 02, 05, 08, or 10, and source ~/denzo/denzo.setup


You can either sit in front of an SGI to run Denzo, or you can remotely log into one of the SGI's and run Denzo from your desktop (to see which SGI's are not being used, click here and follow the computer usage links).

At ALS8.3.1:

FINALLY, we've gotten Denzo working at beamline 8.3.1!

rlogin to any one of crush01, crush02, crush03, crush05, or crush06.

At the prompt, type:

source ~/denzo/denzo.setup

This setup file assumes that you've collected in binned mode, which is the most common thing to do. Then, xdisp </path/to/image/files/imagefile.img>

Get your data from ALS to MSG by following Seth's handy instructions.

The HKL package (XdisplayF, Scalepack & Denzo) is installed on the SGI's. The current version of the manual is available online as a pdf file at the HKL Web Page or locally.

list of available formats.

Available commands:

  xdisp [filename] hklpredictions -- frame viewer
  denzo, denzobig -- various sizes of DENZO
  scalepack, scalepackbig, scalepackverybig -- various sizes of SCALEPACK

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