The O-Manual

A program for crystallographic model building and display.

Current Version of O

May 12, 2006 - Current Version 10.0.3

O for SGI

For best results, remove all O references from your .cshrc file. Then, whenever you want to run O, enter 'prepare o' at the prompt, then 'ono', and you're going.

O for Mac OSX

This works amazingly well. Probably better than the SGI version. Go to to get the latest version for your Mac.

The Access file on SGI's

As always, the access file /public/apps/o.9.0.7/access.o contains license data for all available machines. If you run O on a workstation that is not licensed, you will not be able to save any of your work!  Moreover, if you are using an old <binary>.o file that was saved with an old version of access.o, you will not be able to work on new workstations until you do the following: Run ono7 <binaryfile>.o on one of the old workstations. Type read /public/apps/o.9.0.7/data/access.o Type save

O as a helper application for SHARP

You will need to copy the file ~sharp/opac_handler to your home directory.

O Documentation

You might want to visit the Uppsala Software Factory for the latest info on the ancillary programs. Local versions of the documentation are available. Specific documents include:


There is also a listing of some of the frequently asked questions about O and its auxilliary programs.