A program for refining macromolecular structures determined by crystallography or NMR

Version 3.843

X-PLOR v. 3.843 was installed 27 Sept 1996 by Nick Sauter. Patch 3.843c installed 4 Oct 1996. On 24 Nov 1997, sgi version was redimensioned for more atoms, and the HP's are no longer supported.

This procedure sets up the alias xplor to run the appropriate executable for the processor you are logged in to.

The following environment variables are also defined: XPLOR (top level for version 3.843), SOURCE (source code), TEST (test cases), TOPPAR (topology), TOPPAR_C22 (charmm22 topology), OBJ, FFT, SYMMETRY, XTALLIB, MACRO, XTALMACRO, and NMRLIB.

The 3.843 tutorial contains all of the pre-packaged scripts that can be used as example input files. A version 3.1 tutorial is also available.

Version 3.854

This is a developmental version with the ability to do refinement with the Maximum Likelihood Target Function.

This procedure sets up the aliases xplorR4000 and xplorR8000 to run the appropriate executable for the processor you are logged in to.

CNS Version

Installed by Manish Butte in 1997.

More Information

X-PLOR home page is the starting point for finding the X-PLOR manual, the v. 3.843 release notes, back issues of the newsletter, and several articles on-line. A hard copy manual is available for purchase.

There is also an x-plor newsgroup. Subscribe by sending the message subscribe x-plor to biosci-server@net.bio.net. (Do this on the machine you normally use for receiving mail!)

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