Former Graduate Students and Their Current Positions

2014 Sarika Chaudhary Ph.D., Assistant Professor Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, University of New Delhi

2014 Ian Harwood Ph.D., Associate Executive Director at Berkeley Symphony

2004-2009 Joe Ho Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Eli Lilly

2003-2008 Zach Newby Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Gilead Pharmaceuticals

2002-2007 David Savage Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Molecular & Cell Biology, UC Berkeley

2001-2005 Adrian Keatinge-Clay Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Texas, Austin TX

1997-2002 Kinkead Reiling Ph.D., Founder, CSO Amyris Inc (AMRS) - retired

1996-2002 Christa Nunes, Associate Director of Research and Care, The Gorilla Foundation

1996-2002 Chris Reyes Ph.D. Co-Founder, CSO, Board Director at Hove, A Solutions Marketplace Company

1994-1999 Julian Chen, Ph.D., Instrument Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory

1994-2000 Sherry LaPorte Ph.D., Director of Antibody Research, Vivace Pharmaceuticals

1991-1998 Paul Foster Ph.D., Senior Clinical Scientist, Genentech Inc.

1992-1998 Robert Keenan Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Chicago

1991-1997 Chris Schafmeister Ph.D., Professor, Temple University

1989-1996 Robert Rose Ph.D., Associate Professor, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, North Carolina State University

1987-1993 Eric Fauman Ph.D., Research Fellow and Head, Computational Target Validation at Pfizer

1985-1992 Partho Ghosh Ph.D., Professor and Chair, University of California, San Diego, Dept. of Biochemistry and Chemistry

1985-1992 Stephanie Mel Ph.D., Professor, Section of Molecular Biology, University of California, San Diego

1986-1992 Celia Schiffer Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts

1987-1990 Jim Hurley Ph.D., Professor and Judy C. Webb Chair, UC Berkeley, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology

1984-1987 Senyon Choe Ph.D., Professor of Structural Biology, The Salk Institute

1982-1985 Robert Love Ph.D., Consultant in structure-based drug design, Xtal Clear

1976-1980 Melvin O. Jones M.S., deceased, formerly Developmental Engineer, University of California San Francisco

1975-1980 David A. Agard Ph.D., Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics, University of California San Francisco

1974-1979 Michael W. Klymkowsky Ph.D., Professor of Cell & Molecular Biology, University of Colorado

1973-1978 Jerry Tobler Ph.D., M.D., Scientist Proctor & Gamble - retired

1973-1976 John E. Ruark M.S., M.D., Private Psychiatric practice, Clinical Faculty, Stanford University

1973-1975 Diane Kent M.S., Senior Scientist, University of British Columbia - retired

1972-1977 John L. Chambers Ph.D., Head, Research & Development, Siemens

1971-1977 Steven A. Spencer Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Genentech

1971-1976 Roger E. Koeppe II Ph.D., Professor, University of Arkansas

1971-1976 Michael J. Ross Ph.D., General Partner, SV Life Sciences

1971-1976 Monty Krieger Ph.D., Professor, MIT, Biology Department; Whittaker College


Former Postdoctoral Associates and their current positions

2012-2016 Bryan Schmidt, Assistant Professor, Davidson College, North Carolina

2009-2015 Oren Rosenberg, Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCSF

2009-2011 Anirban, Adhikari, Staff Research Scientist, Biologics Research at Bayer HealthCare

2011-2014 Bjórn Pedersen, Assistant Professor Aarhus University Denmark

2010-2014 Nadine Czudnochowski, Senior Research Scientist, Infectious Diseases, UCSF

2011-2014 Shujun Yuan, Scientist, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

2010-2014 John Pak, Scientist BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Novato CA

2010-2013 Andrew Waight, Senior Scientist, Seattle Genetics, Inc.

2010-2013 Louis Metzger, Investigator III and Project Team Leader, Novartis Co.

2011-2013 Emily McCusker, Associate Director, Clinical Development, Allergan

2007-2010 Anna Maria Tochowicz

2005-2010 Franz Gruswitz, Group Leader, Structural Biology, Aptevo Therapeutics

2002-2010 John K. Lee, Scientist 3, Bristol-Myers, Squib

2003-2010 Akram Alian, Assistant Professor Technion Institute, Israel

2005-2009 Frank Hays, Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma School of Medicine

2002-2009 Pascal Egea, Research Fellow, UCLA

2005-2008 Min Li, Investigator 3, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

2004-2008 Sun Hur, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

2005-2008 Adrian Keatinge-Clay, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Texas at Austin

2003-2005 Ilya Chorny, Associate Director, Product Marketing at Illumina, Inc

2005-2007 Melissa del Rosario, Staff Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

2002-2005 Shahram Khademi, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

2000-2004 Hu Pan, Scientist, Elan Pharmaceuticals - retired

1994-2004 Sanjay Agarwalla, Scientist, Genomics Institute of the Novartis Foundation

1996-2004 Sherry Laporte, Director of Antibody Therapeutics, Vivace Therapeutics

1999-2003 Demetri Moustakas, Staff Scientist, Alkermes

1999-2003 Shiou Chuan (Sheryl) Tsai, Professor Molecular Biology and Biochemistry School of Biological Sciences UC Irvine

1997-2004 Tom Lee, Scientist, Fate Therapeutics

1999-2003 Julian Chen, Instrument Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory

1999-2000 Paul Foster, Senior Clinical Scientist, Genentech, So. San Francisco, CA

1999-2001 Peter Nollert, Head Business Development North America, LeadXpro

1997-2001 Richard J. Morse, Consultant

1998-2000 Cindy Weitzman, Math Curriculum Specialist, Nunya Academy

1997-2001 Timothy Fritz, Scientist, FDA

1997-2000 DaXiong Fu, Associate Professor of Physiology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

1997-2000 Amy Anderson, deceased, formerly Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Connecticut

1997-2000 Andy Libson, Teacher, Mission High School

1994-2000 Peter Sayre, Professor, UCSF Medical School

1993-2003 David Birdsall, Lecturer, California State University, Monterey Bay

1989-1997 Douglas Freymann, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Northwestern University Medical School

1993-1997 Thomas J. Stout, Senior Director of Clinical Sciences, Genentech Inc.

1994-1997 Carleton Sage, Co-founder and Vice-President Computational Sciences, Beacon Discovery Inc.

1996-1997 Pamela Williams, Research Scientist, Astex Technology, Cambridge, U.K.

1991-1996 Michael Wiener, Professor, University of Virginia

1990-1995 George Turner, Professor and Dean, Atlantic University School of Medicine

1986-1995 V. Ramalingam, Entrepreneur, San Francisco, California

1991-1994 Diana Cherbavaz, Director of Genomic/Product Sciences, Molecular Diagnostics

1992-1993 Mary Betlach retired, formerly Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, UCSF

1990-1997 Earl Rutenber, Scientist E-Scape, South San Francisco

1989-1992 Alexander Kamb, Senior Vice-President, Amgen, Research, Head of Neuroscience

1987-1989 Cynthia Wolberger, Professor, Johns Hopkins University

1987-1990 Thomas N. Earnest, CAS Visiting Professor, Shanghai Institute Applied Physics

1986-1991 Kathy Perry, Senior Director, Twist Bioscience

1986-1990 Michael P. Shuster, Scientific Legal Advisor, McCutchen Doyle Brown & Enersen, San Francisco

1985-1986 Ted Cremer, Researcher, Adelphia Technology

1985-1989 William Montfort, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Arizona

1985-1989 Julie P. Earnest, Systems Trainer, Deacon Corporation

1984-1988 Michael McCarthy

1983-1993 Alok Mitra, Professor, The University of Aukland, New Zealand

1983-1985 Ellen Farr-Young

1982-1984 David Kristofferson, Director, Information Systems, EOS Biotechnology, Inc.

1982-1985 Susan Hershenson, Deputy Director Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

1980-1984 Janet Finer-Moore, Research Biochemist, UCSF

1980-1981 David A. Agard, Professor of Biochemistry, UCSF

1980-1981 Steven Hayward, deceased, former Head Electron Microscopy, Public Health Dept.

1980-1981 Joerg Kistler, Professor Emeritus, University of Auckland, New Zealand

1980-1983 Peter Desmueles, Software company founder, San Francisco

1979-1983 Robert Fairclough, Associate Professor of Neurology, UC Davis, retired

1979-1985 Nandini Katre, former Head of Protein Chemistry, Cetus Corporation

1977-1980 John L. Chambers, Head of Research & Development, Siemens X-Ray Division

1976-1977 Monty Krieger, Professor, MIT, Department of Biology; Fellow of Whittaker College

1976-1977 Kenneth Gerst, Industry

1976-1977 David McKay, Research Professor, University of Colorado

1975-1977 Christina Henneke, Entrepreneur

1975-1976 Phillip Serwer, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Texas, San Antonio

1972-1974 Gary G. Christoph, Professor of Chemistry, Ohio State University

1972-1976 Tony A. Kossiakoff, Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics, University of Chicago


Former Professional Associates and Their Current Positions

2003-2016 Pat Greene, Natural Scientist

2016 Mom Keo, Financial analyst, UCSF

2016 Karolina Kaminska

2013-2015 Meseret Tessema, Nursing Student

2007-2013 Sarika Chaudhary, Ramanujan Fellow at Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, New Delhi, India

2005-2013 William Harries, Chief Scientist, Aromyx Corp.

2005-2013 Rebecca Robbins

1987-2012 Larry Miercke, retired

2005-2007 Gladys de Leon Boenig, Senior Scientific Researcher, Genentech

2006-2009 Andrew DeGiovanni, Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab

-2000 Jolanta Krucinski


Former Staff Research Associates and Their Current Positions

2002-2017 Yaneth Robles-Colmenares, Scientist, Pfizer

2011-2016 Sobha Thamminana, Research Associate, Genentech

2006-2015 Lynn Martin, Research Assistant, Genentech

2011-2013 Amy Wong, Medical Student at UCLA

2007-2013 Zygy Roe-Zurz, Scientist, Pfizer

2011-2013 Andrew Rodriguez, Medical Student at Rush University Medical School

2011-2013 Aaron Risenmay, Process Engineer, Impossible Foods

2011-2013 Efrem Kifle, Graduate student at State University of New York at Buffalo

2011-2013 Bryant Chau, Research Associate 3 at Pfizer

2011-2012 Ahmed Alkholeidi, Doctor of Dental Surgery

2008-2011 Samantha Ngaw, Resident Physician, University of Minnesota Physicians

2005-2011 Sarah Griner, Graduate student at UCLA

2011 Lois Bang, Kite Pharma

2009-2010 Billy Zhang, Medical Student, Frank H. Netter School of Medicine

2006-2010 Ronald Yeh, Senior Research Associate, NovoNordisk

2008-2010 Rachel Bond, Graduate Student, Stanford

2009 Xin Gao, Graduate Student, Washington University at St. Louis

2006-2008 Andrew Sandstrom, Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley

-2008 Linda Vuong

2006- Mimi Ho, Graduate Student, UCLA

-2008 Corey Anderson, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2005-2007 Renee Robbins, Content Scientist, Ingenuity Web Apps

-2005 Sabrina Noel

2002-2004 Jonathon Remis, Cryo-electron Microscopy Specialist, Northwestern University

2003-2004 Maria Diaz, Research Associate, UCSF

1999-2004 Johanna Napetshnig, Research Program Manager, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

1997-2004 Charles Forsyth, Research Associate, UCSF

Nancy Helmers, retired